Best Writing Playlists - Part 1: Sci-Fi

Whenever I have a lot of client pieces awaiting my attention, it always helps me to play some great instrumental music in the background. The first time I tried it out, I went on YouTube and just searched for "Upbeat music for writing" without any real hope of finding much. I couldn't have been more wrong.

What I found was a veritable treasure chest of music compilations, one of which featured a rather cheerful-looking chap sitting back, eyes up to the ceiling as though he had just found his stock portfolio had skyrocketed. I clicked the link, drawn to his sheer positivity and satisfaction. The music kicked in and I loved it. I'll admit, the first track on that video did remind me a lot of The Sims for some I had to quickly get over that, and also get past the trap of just scrolling through the comments looking at what people say about this music...sigh

Once I was over these hurdles, I found that the music helped me a lot. I was finishing anywhere from 10-12 pieces in a day thanks to having that nice continuous background of melodious charm fueling my mind and sparking those little moments of inspiration that keep your typing and typing and typing.

A New Blog Series - Writing Music

I quickly started to try out other playlists and add them to a now growing playlist on YouTube that I simply call "Writing Music." Each week, I'll share with you some of the best background music videos that I've found on there. Interestingly, we won't be starting with the smug leaning-back guy, though I will work that into the list.

The past few days I've been under pressure with China's internet crackdowns ruining my access to vital information sources. It took several days but I managed once again to leap the great firewall and resume my work. To get back on track, I needed some serious inspiration, and that brings me to the first-ever "Writing Music" featured compilation.

Title: "INFINITY - Epic Futuristic Music Mix"

Composers: Philippe Briand and Gabriel Saban

YouTube Link:

The first thing that drew my eye was the stunning backdrop. I'm a sucker for all things sci-fi and I just LOVED this. The music, too, is absolutely inspiring. There's this fun sense of urgency and power that pushes you. With each keystroke, I felt one step closer to saving the galaxy from the impending doom brought by the mean one step closer to finishing the fantastic tasks assigned to me by my beloved clients, of course.


00:00 Paradigm

01:42 Chronometry

03:54 Dream Or Reality

06:16 Mind Games

08:03 Fabric Of Space-Time

10:02 A New Dimension

12:00 Before It Ends

13:57 Continuum

15:52 Final Hours

18:02 Heart Of Eternity

19:56 Mental Control

21:48 Misty Effect

23:19 No Regrets

25:33 Written In The Shadows

27:25 Beyond Life

If you love epic, inspirational, and sublime sci-fi music, then this is the productivity background music video for you. I can't recommend it enough.

More next week!

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