Best Writing Playlists - Part 2: Electronica

Last week I introduced a new blog feature on the Leonis Copywriting website --- "Best Writing Playlists." In our first edition, I shared the inspiring and powerful sci-fi music that featured on my YouTube playlist "Writing Music." Today I'll be revealing another compilation I have long used to help me with concentration and creativity.

Writing Music - "Electronic Background Music for Studying"

It's not a very catchy title, but the music is amazing. Whereas the last list was a collection of tracks by the same composer, this compilation features various artists.

Title: "Electronic Background Music for Studying"

Composers: Various


At the time of writing this, there are 256 people who have downvoted this video. I don't know what kind of joyless desert planet these people live on that they could possibly have a problem with this electronic playlist. Perhaps they are just disgruntled artists who didn't make the cut?

As you listen to this playlist, it's impossible not to get caught up in the rhythm as it pushes your fingers to fly faster over the keyboard. I typically find that the ideas just keep coming and I really get into that place mentally that allows you to keep typing and typing without ever stopping, paragraph after paragraph.

There are also a few different moods, some a bit more upbeat and chipper, and others a little more chill. Even if you're not writing, it makes a perfect background mix for the summer.

More next week!

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