Best Writing Playlists - Part 3: Sci-Fi 2 - Interstellar

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

I know I already did a "Sci-Fi" entry on Part 1, but I was working on some 1,000-word custom writing pieces this evening and came across the following two playlists with music from the movie Interstellar.

The music from that movie is one of the many factors that make it so re-watchable, but it turns out the music always operates on some transcendental frequency that helps copywriters like me function at 1000% efficiency.

Hans Zimmer is a genius, of course, but who knew that the music could work on so many levels. It really gets the gears of the mind in motion and puts you into a great flow. I have linked two videos below that I think are great examples. You'll also find examples of music from Interstellar in many Sci-Fi compilations, including ones I covered in previous Best Writing Playlist blog posts.

First video:

Second video:

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