Best Writing Playlists - Part 4: Epic

Sometimes, when you're writing, you need something to add a little tension or excitement to the process. This, for me at least, is where epic music from the likes of Audiomachine comes in handy.

For today's "Best Writing Playlists" I'd like to include a recent find of epic music that I found really useful for writing. You'll find a link to this playlist below.

The main thing I loved about this playlist is the violin theme. One of the first CDs I remember buying for myself was Vanessa Mae's first violin solo album. I just love her style. This is quite reminiscent of that, except that every track is seriously epic.

If this doesn't get you inspired or even encouraged to write, then frankly nothing else will so just give up on your dream of writing right now. See the video for yourself on YouTube by clicking here.

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