Copywriter Life: The Big Data Enigma

I was reflecting recently on the copywriting life and the interesting quirks it throws up. One that really stuck with me was the thought of what marketers and analysts must think of people like me when it comes to studying my online data.

An Eclectic Google History

Just like everyone else, I'm sending oodles of preferences, history and other digital information unwittingly but knowingly to our unseen online supervisors. Like everyone else, too, I'm sure it's being used to create some kind of "profile" of me as a consumer. It's not a problem, just a new part of the world we are living in.

What I do wonder about, however, is what my profile looks like to the analyst, and how much head-scratching they do when they look at it. As a copywriter, I am required by my more-than 100 paying clients to write on many different topics. One day I'm researching and writing about the Nissan 180SX and how it's different from the 240SX, and the next day I'm penning a blog piece advising teachers how to prepare for back to school.

On other days, I'm exploring hire car companies in Dubai, family-friendly festivals in Maryland to recommend as part of a road trip, mobile mechanic repairs in southern England, go-karting in Australia, online learning in India, finding a home tutor in Toronto...the list goes on.

The Enigma

What must the analyst think when they see my online profile? Who is this person? How does he want and need all these different things?

I do think that this line of work I'm in is partially responsible for the absolutely bizarre mix of promotional material and online pop-up advertising I see. I even get a taste of it from the Chinese side of life. As I open up JD, Taobao and Baidu, I'm seeing more and more car ads and car care accessories.

Perhaps this is the copywriter curse...doomed forever to be inundated with a never-ending stream of the most eclectic and random advertising content known to man.

It's Still the Good Life

Would I change any of it? Absolutely not. It's a pretty small price to pay to be doing work that I enjoy and to live a lifestyle characterized by freedom and flexibility. I'll just keep offering my custom copywriting services, and we'll see just how deep the rabbit hole of random Google searches goes!


Tommy is the founder of Leonis Copywriting.

He currently resides in Jinan, China

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