Custom Copywriting Made Easier

Finding reliable content writers is tougher than it seems. Although the world seems to be awash with writers ready to work, it can be tricky finding one with the flexibility and simplicity that you crave. There's always some hidden cost or some extra that you have to buy.

A Simple Custom Copywriting Service Made Even Simpler

I decided to make it my mission to create an easy-to-use, affordable and high-quality copywriting service when I set up Leonis. When I started out, I thought I had done just that by offering a number of simple click-and-order items based on word count. After a while, however, it hit me. Why not just offer a fixed rate per word?

After the popularity of Leonis Word Credits, it dawned on me that many buyers need that level of flexibility in the word length of their content. It's far more convenient for the customer to simply tell me how many words they need, instead of having to browse to find a product that matches that length.

Leonis' New Copywriting Service - US$0.03 per word

The new system is very simple. All content is just 3 cents a word now. That means all you have to do is tell me the length of the piece you need, as well as the topic and other relevant information, and I can get on with it.

Contact Leonis Today

Every custom copywriting job begins with a single inquiry. Email me at to tell me all about your project. Alternatively, message me directly here on the website.

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