Custom Copywriting: Finding Time for Your Own Blog

It’s a disappointing sight when a writer doesn’t appear to even have time to write his own company blog! My work growing Leonis has been so thrilling and yet utterly time-consuming that I haven’t allowed any time for this blog. That’s a shame and I shouldn’t let that happen again in the future.

The bread and butter of my custom copywriting service is blogging. More than three-quarters of my clients ask me to write custom blogs for them. The majority of them are in the education and automotive sectors --- because those two fields go together so well, right?

Part of me sees it as a good sign. If I haven’t had time for my blog, it means I’ve been busy with work for clients, and that’s the most important thing. A smarter part of me knows that it’s not right. Blog posts bring traffic, and traffic means more business. That’s what I help the clients do, so I should probably remember to do it for myself every now and again!

I do wonder if people in other professions have a similar problem. My father worked as a chef for 30 years, but he hated to cook for us at home. He’s now a gardener, but his own back yard is a bit messy. I wonder:

  1. Do graphic designers loath to create their own content for their websites and social media?

  2. Do some teachers just want to go home and binge-watch brainless reality TV shows?

  3. Do taxi drivers walk or cycle everywhere in their free time?

It’s something to wonder about. I have been a writer who didn’t find the energy or will to write on his own blog. I think in my case it’s harder to excuse it, especially when a custom copywriting blog is important for business!

Note to self --- more blog, more flog.

If you are finding yourself in need of a copywriter to help keep your blog active and refreshed. Get in touch with me and purchase one of our great blog subscription plans.

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