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Hi there,

My name is Tommy and I'm the founder of Leonis consulting. I'm the founder of Leonis Copywriting, as well as the guy who does all the writing around here! I won't go into the long story of exactly how I started Leonis, but I'll give you a quick rundown. After I left my job as the writer/editor at an international school in Beijing, I wanted to start up my own educational consulting firm. I imagined helping students plan and execute their long journey from China to universities and high schools abroad.

It wasn't long, however, before I realized that the best thing about the work was still connected with copywriting and editing.

It started with students' college essays, and then I started writing car blogs for clients in the US, and from there it grew into what I have now. It seems the writing bug just refused to leave me. Now the company is Leonis Copywriting and education is just one of the things I write about.

This was a prototype logo for Leonis, but I loved it  so much I kind of took it for my own personal sigil
Leonis Prototype Logo Turned Personal Sigil

Leonis is a customized copywriting service that offers a more personalized level of service than many of the big copywriter websites --- the "content mills." Everything you order from Leonis comes from me and is tailored to your exact specifications.

So why this? It's true that much of the content for blogs is hardly Pulitzer-Prize-winning stuff; not exactly groundbreaking journalism or earth-shattering revelations. What I love, though, is the freedom that this work brings. Beyond that, I have been really taken aback by how genuine a relationship I have built with my clients. I love getting to know platform owners, learning about their preferences and their mission. I love to be a part of that mission.

If you've just bought the book "blogging for dummies," put it away. You won't be needing it. Me and my corporate baby, Leonis, are ready to serve! Get in touch with me today and let's get started on your project.

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