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Education blogs come in all shapes and sizes, and many are not even run by educational institutions like schools and colleges. Many blogs are run by teachers, parents, students and education experts who are trying to share information and build an effective online learning community of their own.

The problem is that being a teacher, parent, student or education expert often means you don't have time to keep up regular content, or you can't always think of ideas to keep the blog going regularly. Among my long list of duties at Leonis Copywriting, one task I do is writing education-related blogs as part of my custom copywriting service.

Here are some ideas that my clients have requested that I think make for great blog content. Don't forget if you'd like help writing the topics below, or any other topics for that matter, don't hesitate to contact me at for more information.

Education Blog Idea 1: Study and Revision Tips

One of the most popular topic areas requested by education blog clients is about helping students study more effectively. These blogs can introduce methods like the Leitner Method for using flashcards, how to write cue cards for exam prep, using study time more effectively and much more.

Education Blog Idea 2: Advice for Parents

Among the most avid readers of education-related blogs are parents. Advice blogs requested by Leonis clients in the past have included things like how to support your child during stressful exam preparation, how to look after your child's physical and mental health, ideas for finding free online materials to support their kids' study and others.

Education Blog Idea 3: Homeschooling

As public schools continue to struggle in many countries, parents frequently find themselves at odds with the system and make the difficult decision to take their kids away from it to teach them at home. Blog ideas on homeschool can cover topics like how to set up your homeschool operation, creating a budget, altering a home space into a learning space, accessing the best online materials, choosing home tutors, planning extra-curricular activities, how to differentiate your homeschool from the local school...the list goes on.

Education Blog Idea 4: Exam / Standardized Test Prep

All countries have their serious standardized tests. In the US they have the SATs, AP tests, ACT and others. In the UK, there are Key Stage 3 tests, GCSE,'s a real minefield out there. Kids and parents often seek advice on how to cope with the stress, how to organize their time, making use of free materials, getting extra help, etc.

Education Blog Idea 5: College Entrance Advice

One more common topic of interest is the process of entering college/university. Articles on this can include what you need to do to prepare for college entrance, how to write a killer college essay, what universities ask at interview, dealing with application paperwork and many more.

Leave it to Leonis...

If you're writing an education blog and you need help creating content for it, get in touch with me today and I'll create high-quality, SEO-friendly, customized copy to use on your blog. Once I've written it and sent it to you, the content is all yours. Check out the blog subscription service for the most convenient and affordable monthly plans. Get in touch with me today.

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