5 Ideas for Custom Car Blogs

If you're running an automotive blog, then you need to keep the content as fresh as possible. When you're looking to post every week or even every month, you need to keep titles fresh, original and interesting to your readers. After all, you don't just want filler content for your site, do you?

In today's Leonis Copywriting blog, I'm going to share with you some of the great car blogging topics I've covered for my many clients around the world.

Topic 1: Car Maintenance

This is a very popular topic that many clients ask for. Previous titles requested have included (but not been limited to...)

- How to care for your car in the winter/summer

- Proper tire maintenance all year round

- Knowing when your brakes need attention

- How living by the ocean affects your car

- The importance of regular maintenance and servicing

- Best protective coatings for your car's paint

Topic 2: Road Safety

Another common subject that automotive bloggers like to include on their pages. Road safety affects us all, so it's something of a hot topic:

- Safety tips for teen drivers

- Staying safe on winter roads

- Advice for driving in the rain

- Best safety features to look for in a new car

Topic 3: Car Detailing

It's incredible that so many people still need advice on washing and detailing their cars, but apparently they do!

- How to properly apply car wax

- Tips for keeping your car's interior clean

- Car cleaning checklist

- Do's and Don'ts of car washing

Topic 4: Car Sales Copy

There are some blogs that like to feature individual models of cars. In each article, they'll include the following information:

- Make & model

- Exterior description

- Unique selling points

- Interior features

- Safety technology

- Suitable markets

Topic 5: Your car and your life

When automotive meets lifestyle. It turns out that there's a lot of room for crossover when it comes to blogging. Titles in this category include (but are not limited to)

- How to pack the car for a family road trip

- Perfect snacks to bring in the car

- Keeping kids entertained on the road

- Fun games for your next road trip

...and many more. I hope this gives you some ideas for your own blog. Of course, if you would like help writing your automotive blog, then contact me at info@leonisx.com and we can get started on your next project.

You can also get your content delivered monthly by purchasing one of our monthly subscriptions. Contact me for more information.

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