Outsourcing Your Blog - How it Works

If you're running an online business, then you know that one of the big secrets of attracting traffic to your site is regularly refreshing content and including those all-important keywords you are targeting. One of the best engines to achieve this is your company blog.

Some entrepreneurs balk at the idea of doing their own blog. It could be that they aren't natural writers, or that they never find the time (or energy) to sit down and write. You see blogs online with their bullet points, lists, and simple language and assume they're easy to get done. It's only when you sit down to do one yourself that you realize it's tougher than you thought.

Outsourcing is the answer

Growing up, I remember my teachers telling me that outsourcing was a bad thing. The socialist ones said it was exploitation, and the fringe right-winger says it destroyed local jobs. Well, whatever your stance on the issue, outsourcing your blog writing is an affordable and viable solution to your content woes!

Custom copywriting content helps to keep your site fresh, and well-written content will add to your credibility as a provider of products and services. That blog post might be the first contact that a potential customer makes with your company. Do you want their first impression to be based on poorly written and unchecked content?

Who do you call?

Not to toot my own horn, here, but you could consider my service, Leonis Copywriting, for your needs. I have over a decade of experience and offer great rates. OK, ok, enough plugging.

What you need to find is a writer with:

  • A passion and knack for writing

  • An interest in the topics you're hoping to write about

  • Some sample work they're willing to share with you

  • A direct line of communication

  • A personality and character that you relate to

That last point may sound odd to some since in this day and age you could have a writer working for you freelance that you never meet in person. How can you really know what they're like? Well, I guess you can't. What you could do, though, is communicate via email (like info@leonisx.com) and see how nice the reply is!

What do you get for outsourcing?

First and foremost, you get the most important thing --- regular, high-quality content for your blog. All you have to do is copy and paste it into your blog and upload some images. That really takes the sting out of the process, doesn't it?

From that content will flow more interest in your site, more traffic and hopefully more sales for your business. Traffic is the all-important thing here --- eyeballs! Most online businesses rely on a tiny percentage of visitors who actually action their browsing into purchasing.

The goal, therefore, should always be to maximize meaningful and organic traffic to your page. A well-written and varied blog replete with SEO words and valuable content will help you to reach that goal.

Just one more plug

One last time, and by some extraordinary stroke of luck, everything I've said above that's great about blog outsourcing is applicable to my little outfit, Leonis Copywriting. Go figure! If you feel like getting your blog off the ground; if you're sick of being embarrassed by the last blog you posted being dated in 2018, then get in touch with me today.

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