The Vision: Leonis Copywriting

I've always been a big fan of TV shows like Dragons' Den and Shark Tank. I always get inspired, watching those ambitious entrepreneurs go onto that show. Some of them are truly terrible, and others are otherworldly in their brilliance, but I suppose that's also part of making good TV.

One reason I like to watch this show is to gear myself up for my own small business. Leonis Copywriting started as something completely different, but I now finally feel very comfortable with its identity and services. Writing for clients is something I really love doing, and better yet it is allowing me to create my vision for a real "lifestyle business."

Lifestyle business - this is a term I first heard on Dragons' Den, and it has always made me wonder. They use it on that show almost as a pejorative term (though not quite) because a lifestyle business cannot scale, making it unpalatable for a venture capitalist. I was always quite taken with the idea, though. I liked that a business could be something that you do to sustain yourself and your family. The way I see it, it's the best way to create something that allows you a great work-life balance. This is how I envision my development of Leonis Copywriting, too.

Leonis Copywriting - Custom Copywriting Lifestyle Business

Even back when I worked as an education consultant, my emphasis was always on quality rather than quantity. I was happy to work with 5-6 students individually per year, spending greater amounts of time with each of them, getting to know their families, and providing a real personalized experience.

Now in Leonis Copywriting, I do much the same thing with my clients. I don't have an assistant or phone-answering service. I deal with all my clients directly, and I think they appreciate that touch. Every bit of communication and action that you do with Leonis Copywriting is with me. Scaling Leonis up is not my goal. Once I reach a certain point, I will be content to continue my work by providing a premium service. Yes, I'll adapt to new circumstances, and I'm certain clients will come and go as their own needs change, but in my mind, this is the best way to ensure quality over quantity, and a perfect work-life balance.

The Vision

In 2021, the last vestige of the former Leonis Consulting operation will come to an end as I bid farewell to my last education client here in China. From there, exciting opportunities abound as I transplant myself into a new home-based business that is focused 100 percent on delivering written content. My days will be occupied by the needs of my clients, and my nights occupied by books, my own creative writing, and some more time finally dedicated to re-learning Chinese and regaining some of my lost ability.

If this is what a lifestyle business delivers, then sign me up! I'm happy to leave scale to those bright-eyed young things looking to make their first million. Good luck to them!

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