Tips for Copywriters: Getting Motivated

It's a curious thing. Self-employed copywriters, who spend so much of their time writing copy, frequently don't have time to write for their own company blog! When you've just finished a pile of orders, it's hard to then set your mind to writing even more for your own blog. After all, you're not going to complain to yourself about a lack of blog content, are you?

I suppose it's a good sign for myself and for Leonis that I've spent the last month so busy that I didn't find the time or energy to get around to my own blog. Time to rectify that, though. I'm happy to say that Leonis copywriting service has welcomed its 65th client this week, which I hope is a sign that people are happy with the work I deliver!

After finishing today's copy, I thought to myself how I'd kept myself motivated to write all day, every day for the entire month or more. Other copywriters out there, whether self-employed or working in an office, must have experienced that overwhelming desire to procrastinate and put tasks off for as long as possible. Since going self-employed in 2017, I've developed a sure-fire formula to stay motivated, deliver early and keep clients happy.

Tip #1 - Coffee

I know, it's a bit cliché, but coffee really is a big help for copywriters. We're not like novelists who can glug down a bottle of wine, get emotional and bleed out their soul onto their keyboards. Copywriters have to maintain focus and accuracy. Coffee is a great way to brighten up and get the ideas flowing, though it doesn't have to be as fancy as the one in the picture.

Tip #2 - Background Music

One of the great joys of writing in the 21st century is having such a huge and eclectic selection of music at your fingertips. You can use apps like Apple Music and Spotify, of course, but there's a lot of distracting music on those with lyrics. What you really need to help with copywriting is lyricless background music and the best place to find it is on YouTube. Just go there and type in "Background music for writing" or something similar and you'll be greeted by hundreds of options, some lasting an hour or so, others lasting as long as 5 hours or even more.

Here are some links to ones I use, by genre --- Electronic selection, Baroque background, and Upbeat mix (see video below)

Tip #3 - A Tidy Desk

Never underestimate the power and positive energy that will be unleashed once you tidy your workspace. Never make excuses for having a messy table, it's holding you back and you know it. Tidy it up, throw away any old and useless paper and take a deep breath to enjoy your new creative space. I guarantee you will instantly feel the difference.

Tip #4 - Planning on Paper

This one's a classic, but it has never let me down. I like to work out an outline of each article I write on paper first. I write mostly in notes but sometimes jot down whole sentences for the introduction to get some ideas going for how to get that opening line nailed down. I also write all my research notes down onto paper so that I then have all my notes in one place. I'll do a pile of these paper outlines before I actually start writing the first of them.

One or two fellow copywriters have told me before they think I'm wasting time doing it this way, but I disagree. I do spend a bit of time each day writing outlines, but when it comes to writing the copy, I then execute much faster because I've already half-cooked the ideas in my mind as I've been making notes. No more typing a line, stopping for 10 minutes to check online notes, writing another sentence or two, stopping again...the savage copywriters' dance. Try it the old-fashioned way, you'll be amazed at how it works.

Tip #5 - A Big Monitor and a Quality Keyboard

My final tip concerns hardware. If you're anything like me, you'll place great value on the quality of the computer equipment you use. I write on a laptop, but I also have a separate huge monitor in my office that I can plug into when I want a bigger screen for editing. It cost me a pretty penny at first, but it's really worth it and makes editing easier and more fun.

The other key piece of equipment is the keyboard. I like a larger keyboard that my hands can fly across as I'm typing. It also has to make the right sound. There's something so exquisite and satisfying about a keyboard that makes a nice clickety-clacking noise as you're typing. Maybe that's just me...but I have a sneaking suspicion that other writers feel the same as I do.

Enjoy yourself

I hope these ideas resonate with my fellow copywriters and that you can also find the motivation to keep focused and carry on. Feel free to share any of your own tips in the comments section!

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