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Since I started offering the word credit packages, clients have been loving the level of flexibility and convenience when ordering custom copywriting services from me. When you really only need some one-off work or a fixed number per month of the same length, then the existing products are good. Buy an individual 400-word piece, or go for a monthly blog subscription.

Buyers of the Leonis word credits are looking for something a bit more. They need a service that can offer them a clutch of 40-word social media blurbs at the same time as they order two 400-word pieces, a shortened 200-word version for another platform, and an extended 1200-word piece for the blog feature. They never have to worry about purchasing the right packages or making individual orders (though that is still pretty easy, too!).

Word credits are making it easier for customers to get everything they want from a custom copywriting service. It was, if I do say so myself, a rather good brainwave I had one day.

Custom copywriting services have never been easier

Since February this year, I noticed a lot more clients asking for customized packages when they were placing repeat orders. It became a bit of a headache putting together different article lengths, calculating discounts and whatnot, so I wondered about how to make it all a lot easier.

I was actually charging up my phone when it came to me. It is surely easier to get repeat customers and regular clients who need large volumes to just sell them in bulk. I asked one client --- "How about I just sell you 3,000 words and we work from that?" --- they loved it. 'PERFECT' they replied. It took about a month to get through the first 3,000 words, so then they upped the dose to 12,000 for the next batch, knowing that a lot more work was coming.

How does it get organized?

In the beginning, I did wonder how it would all work. How would I keep track of the content, what will the delivery timeline be? Does the client just sit around for 30 days waiting for me to finish all 3,000 words? Should I insist the client tell me upfront about how they want all the words to be used?

As it turns out, it was easier than I thought it would be. The flow essentially works like this:

  • The client places an order for a word credit package - 3000, 6000 or 12000 words.

  • The client sends any and all known content they want to be produced right away. For instance, they buy 6,000 words, but only have 1,500 words of content they know they need right now.

  • I create and deliver the content initially ordered, totaling 1500 words. The client, meanwhile, is still thinking about what else they need. It's okay, though, because the 6,000-word package is valid for 6 months, so they can just wait until they need it.

  • A week later, the client informs me of another 2,000 words of content that they need. I create it for them and deliver as promised.

  • Another week later, the client suddenly needs five 80-word blurbs for use on their Facebook page - "Not a problem!" I say.

And on it goes until the 6,000 words are used up, at which point I ask if they'd like more right away, or to wait until their next project is coming up. The majority place an order right away, but in the end you the client have control!

Buy Leonis word credits today

You can purchase a package of word credits very easily through the Plans and Pricing page of leonisx.com

If you are working on another custom copywriting project and need assistance, contact me, Leonis founder Tommy, at info@leonisx.com. I look forward to working with you.

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